Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

2017-2018 Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee:

Chairman:  Willie Ransom (186)

Vice Chairman: Henry Bowe (186)

Department Service Officer:  Brian Mullican (364)

Members:  Tom Hart (147), William Robertson (16), Ray Miller (74), Alice Cooper (5), Tom Karlson (364), Makea Barton (29), P. Dave Steward (56), Dave Fried (100)

Member Emeritus:  James Holt (368)

PDC Advisor:  Ron Miluszewski (148)

Purpose- To formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs and activities designed to assure care and protection for our nation’s war veterans, in their physical and  vocational rehabilitation, their education, their social and economic readjustment, entitlement to compensation and pensions, and the support of their dependents and survivors; to coordinate the activities of the Department in veteran’s affairs; and to oversee the effectiveness of the American legion’s program of services to these war veterans and their dependents in claims for benefits administered by both federal and state government.


To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies and procedures to promote the involvement of Legion Posts and individual members in volunteer services at VA Medical Centers (VAVS) and supervise and coordinate Legion participation in approved programs and activities for the benefit, enjoyment and relief of patients in VA Medical Centers.
These activities include:


Reporting: The Chairman of the V A & R Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.