New Post & DMS

2017-2018 New Post & Direct Membership Solicitation (DMS) Committee:

Chairman: Al Steward (5)

Chairman Emeritus: Leon Smith (139)

Members: Ray Barbour (1097), Thomas Whitlow (8), James Eubank (93), Kyle Weiss (148), Ed Amoros (176)

Ex-Officio Members:

Department Adjutant: Dale Chapman (325)

Department Membership Chairman: A.B. Brown (74)

PDC Advisor: Mike Mitrione (55)


Purpose- To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies relating to the recruitment of members and the functioning of Posts, Districts, and Regions in a manner to attract and retain members; further to develop promotional activities as necessary for the accomplishment of said activity and attainment of stated goals within each tier. To assist the New Post and DMS Committee in revitalization of existing Posts within the Regions.


Reporting: The Chairman of the Membership & Post Activities Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.