Veteran Employment and Education Committee

2016-2017 Veteran Employment & Education Committee

Chairman:  David Wallace (162)

Members:  S. Lewis Wells (79), Charlie King (293), A.D. Carter (34)

PDC Advisor:  Andy Roberston (83)


Upcoming Events:



Programs and Partnerships


Jobs & Training

The following is a list of resources designed to support employers as they incorporate veteran hiring into existing recruitment practices. Employers, both public and private, are encouraged to visit these resources to help with recruitment, hiring, retention, and ongoing support, of veterans. A number of community based organizations are also listed. These organizations provide ancillary services and welcome information from employers who are seeking to hire veterans.


National Veterans Employment & Education Awards

The National Veterans Employment & Education Commission annually presents several awards at The American Legion’s National Convention to honor employers who hire veterans, disabled veterans and older workers. Those who help veterans find employment are also recognized.


The awards include:


Nomination forms for each award are available through the hyperlink above. All entries must be accompanied by an official nomination form with no more than two pages of narrative, along with supporting documents. Nominations to the Department of Virginia are due no later than January 15, 2017.


For more information, please contact Dave Wallace,

Veteran Employment & Education Chairman

(703) 659-7589