American Legion Riders (ALR)

2017-2018 American Legion Bike Rider Sub-Committee:

Chairman:  Frank Hillyard (77)

Vice Chairman: Rob Phelps (325)

Safety/Road Captain: Steven T. Wahl (158)

Regional Directors:

EAST: Adrian L. Klaas (284), Asst: Sam Granderson (284)

WEST: Kenneth Irby (8), Asst: Lewis Hawthorne (79)

NORTH: Michael D. Nicholas (177), Asst: Charles King (293) 

Members: Don Forshey (25), Timothy Walters (320), Larry Allen (148)

Chairman Emeritus: Chuck Talley (144), Jimmy Jones (368)

Advisory Consultant: Robert Sussan (177)

The ALR is a program of the American Legion. Membership is open only to members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of The American Legion. Members must own  and ride motorcycles and maintain active membership within The American Legion  Family. The American Legion Riders promote the Four Pillars of The American  Legion worldwide.

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