2017-2018 Legislative Committee:

Chairman: Rick Oertel (284)

Vice Chairman: Bill Aramony (24)

Members: George Blume (182), Bobby Rogers (9), Matthew Hartman (1776), W. Glenn Yarborough (270), Ron Curlings (55), Makea Barton (29)

SAL Member: Jeff Evans (327)

Ex-Officio Member: Department Adjutant Dale Chapman (325)

PDC Advisor: Brett Reistad (270)

Purpose– To formulate, recommend and implement adopted legislative policies of official interest to the American Legion ; be solely responsible for representing the American Legion, Department of Virginia, before the General Assembly of Virginia, and each Committee thereof, and to the Virginia Members of the Congress of the United States; and to assist the Department Executive Committee in preparation of its annual legislative program for each session for the Virginia General Assembly.


Reporting: The Chairman of the Legislative Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.


Virginia Day on the Hill:  January 18, 2017 (Confirmed)

2017 Day on the Hill Information (To Be Published)


Joint Leadership Council (JLC) of Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) 2017 Legislative Objectives

JLC 2017 Initiatives_SUMMARY

JLC 2017-01 Virginia Veteran and Family Support

JLC 2017-02 Virginia War Memorial

JLC 2017-03 Guard Income Tax Subtraction

JLC 2017-04 In-State Tuition for Reserve Components

JLC 2017-05 Veteran Entrepreneurship

JLC 2017-06 VMSDEP

JLC 2017-07 Electronic Ballot Return


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