Convention & Conference Committee

2016-2017 Convention & Conference Committee

Chairman:  Ron Miluszewski (148)

Members: Cecil Doss (3), John Kokernak (53), Tom Wahl (158), Bob Sussan (177), Alfred Steward (5),  Terry Brentlinger (284)

Member Emeritus:  Ken Melson (113)

Department Adjutant:  Dale D. Chapman (325)

SAL Representative: Jeff Evans (327)

Auxiliary Representative:  T. Anne Starke (327)

Ex-Officio: Department Executive Assistant Erica Eccleston


Purpose- To receive and consider proposals from hotels and meeting facilities in Virginia and to recommend dates and sites for future conventions and conferences; to formulate and recommend policies and to oversee the implementation of adopted policies relating to the conduct and administration of Department Conventions and Conferences.