American Legion Baseball

2017-2018 Baseball Sub-Committee

Chairman:  James Grenier (34)

Administrative Asst. Chairman: Bill Gilmore (284)

Vice Chairman: Jim Glassman (24)

Tournament Asst: Doug Heptinstall (3)

Members: Kenneth Powell (325), Tommy H. Whitlow (8), Elbert Rose (320), William White (39), Kirk Jeffries (310)


Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament: AL Baseball Regional 2016 Senior Tournament Information – Events

AL Baseball Department 2017 Senior__ Tournament Information – Events short v3

American Legion Baseball Fundraiser:  2017 AL Baseball Fundraiser Golf Tournament 03142017

Meeting Summary from Virginia American Legion Baseball Committee and Updated 2018 Department Baseball Policy Documents

Thanks all for the  productive meeting this weekend.
Good discussions with long term strategic initiatives and quick and easy decisions to finalize the policies for this coming season.
I’ve attached a contact list, the meeting summary and the final policy guide for 2018.  Reminder, we decided to permit Senior division to use reentry and courtesy runner for pitcher/catcher.  Ensure your coaches familiarize themselves with the National rules on these items.  
Please take the time to look at the Department Baseball website. The latest policy guide is online.  I’ve updated the latest news and will finish up tonight with updating forms.  
Please begin to direct your coaches to the site:   


American Legion Baseball
Chairman, Department of Virginia


The Department of Virginia is a proud participant in the American Legion Baseball Program.  The following links contain information on the program and its requirements.


The following information was mailed to Virginia American Legion Baseball Program Coaches by Department Baseball Chairman, Jim Grenier.


Virginia American Legion Baseball Website:


2016 Athletic and Baseball Committee Handbook 

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