I want to personally thank every post that submitted an Americanism Report on the work that your post has done and the programs that you have organized, supported, and participated in over the past year.

While the numbers of reports received did not improve much from last year, up 4 to 85, I did get to see the amount of volunteer hours, money spent, and particularly the dedication shown to those programs that we all believe in. I only wish that more posts would submit reports because I personally know that more posts have supported Americanism over the year. While many may be disappointed in the reporting results, I can only say that I am proud of what the entire Department of Virginia does for Americanism, whether it is reported or not. Below you will find the summary of those submitting reports. If you want to see the details of which posts submitted reports you can do that by going to the Department website or you can reply to this email and ask me. I will be compiling our Department numbers for the Daniel J O’Connor National Americanism Award right away, so if you have not yet submitted your  Consolidated Post Report, you still have time to get those in so I can include your numbers.


Dept Americanism awards are presented based on size of post membership on April 30, 2014.

Category         Membership

Category I           15-35           10 reports submitted

Category II          36-75           16 reports submitted

Category III        76-175          27 reports submitted

Category IV         176-375       17 reports submitted

Category V          376-600        7 reports submitted

Category VI         601+            8 reports submitted

Total Posts submitting Americanism reports by the 23 May deadline:    85


For God and Country,

Bill Feasenmyer

Department Americanism Chairman

2014 Americanism Reporting Update