Commanders and Adjutants,


National Commander Schmidt asked me today to send a message to all department commanders/adjutants/NEC/ANEC to get personally involved in an all-out effort to maximize the turn-in of Consolidated Post Reports (CPR) in the remaining days of this reporting period.  The National Commander emphasized the importance of this report.


May 31 was the last day of the 2016-2017 reporting period (June 1-May 31) and we now have the rest of the month of June for your posts to submit the reports of their accomplishments for the community, state and nation over the last 12 months.


Ideally, The National Commander would like for every American Legion post to submit a report even if they only support one the American Legion programs in their community. They are just as important as the post that conducts several programs. It is a community support effort.


Therefore, each and every activity of our posts, large and small, contribute to this important documentation of our values and contributions to our community, state and nation and greatly assists in the report to Congress each year as we comply with our congressional charter of 1919.


“Each department has a Headquarters post and that post can submit a CPR also. What can be included on it? Any activity the department does during the same time frame. An example would be if your department spends $.25 per paid member to support Boys State. That information and cost can be recorded on the HQ CPR. Also, if districts/counties/Vice Commanders/department officers spend money in support of Legion activities, that information should be captured on the HQ CPR. As long as it is spent in support of the community, it needs to be captured.”


The cutoff date for receipt at national of the paper forms submitted by the posts through your department is July 1.  We ask that as the CPR s are received from each of your posts be forwarded as soon as possible so the GOC staff can get the data entered in a timely manner to meet the established timelines so departments may be recognized at Convention. 


National Commander Schmidt will recognize those departments with 95 percent or better CPR reporting at the National Convention on stage in Reno this year.  Certificates will be mailed as well to all departments who accomplish 75 percent or better. 


Important:  There is also the online CPR that can be submitted electronically via by each of your posts all the way up to July 1.  We will record the data and a copy will be sent directly to your department.  The online CPR remains available to your post adjutants all the way to July 1, so during the next 30 days every post that has not submitted the paper form should simply logon to and complete the form.  Any post that completes and submits the online form should NOT submit the paper form. In addition, the on-line form allows the post to submit a short written narrative of what they are doing in the community to expand on their input or cover local programs not captured on the form.


 Thank you all for helping to drive this.  It’s that important.


Contact us at Internal Affairs if you need any information or assistance on this program.    


Your assistance in this important reporting program is appreciated. See you in Reno.


Jack Querfeld, Director, Internal Affairs

2016-2017 CPR Reporting–A Message from the National Commander