Another very successful week of  YCLE at the Virginia State Police Academy was completed on Friday. It was a very hot week, however, the young men and women that our Posts sent to this academy endured and persevered with very little complaining. Although, some wanted to go home at first, they were encouraged to stick it out one more day and they ended up sticking it out to a successful graduation. No one was sent home and no one went home at their request (quit). We did have one young man that came with a minor dental issue that got worse during the week and which Advil could not subdue the pain. He did go home and found that he had a cracked tooth that did need immediate attention from his dentist. All Posts should be proud that they did as we have requested this past year, insure that your prospective cadets knew what they were getting in to…not a summer camp. Thank you for selecting and sending these quality young men and women. Hopefully, the VSP media relations will once again send out a news story about the academy to media outlets across the state. If you see a story in your local newspaper, please save me a copy. Thanks.


The VSP gave out three awards. Best female performance on the PT test…..Jzhonae White sponsored by Post 242, 11th District

Best male performance on the PT test…….Sidney Scott Biddy sponsored by Post 280, 2nd District

VSP counselors spirit award………………….Logan Matthew Pettorini sponsored by Post 290, 16th District


The American Legion Jessica J.Cheney Spirit and Motivation Award……Zowie Marie Ramsey-Hancock sponsored by Post 325, 6th District


Again, many thanks to my American Legion counselors, Joyce Miller, Deloris Todman, Tommy Powell and Rick Ward. They endured the heat as well but I believe feel like I do, cannot wait for next year to get here.


Thanks also to Commander Dave Stein for his encouraging remarks at graduation and for Adjutant Dale Chapman for attending the graduation ceremony.


Finally, as with many of our programs across the state, they could not be completed and be successful without the administrative and logistical support from Erica Eccleston. Thanks, Erica


For God and Country,

Bill Feasenmyer


Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy

2016 Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Was A Success!