2018 Virginia Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Candidate Status 05020218

Attached is a spreadsheet of 2018 YCLE applications that we have received. When a completed application is received, Erica sends out a packet to the prospective cadet with additional information, forms to sign and bring with them, etc.

One form that must be signed by the prospective cadet and returned to the Department of Virginia, is their Confirmation Notice that they will be attending. Until we have that from the cadet, they are not confirmed.

The spreadsheet shows the posts if their candidate has submitted the Confirmation Notice or not.

Also, in one of the letters to the posts on the YCLE web page, it mentions getting the completed applications and money to Department by May 6, 2018. This is not a drop dead deadline. We are full only when we get 50 Confirmation Notices back. I would like posts to know that for two reasons; get their kids to send us their Notice and that we will take applications after May 6.


Bill Feasenmyer

Director, Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy

2018 Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Update