The 2021 In State Legacy Run route maps have been released and can be seen below.  Use the link at the bottom to download the file if you want a local copy.

Please note on the turn-by-turn maps, they are designed to be folded in half and inserted into a plastic bags to help keep them dry in the event of rain.  It is best used with a small piece of cardboard or light plastic, to give it some stiffness in the wind.  I will have a supply of bags with me in Stafford.   The turn-by-turn also has Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD from most locations.   The GPS coordinates for the turn points are also listed as is the street address for the major stops.

The timeline for the 24th of June at Post 290 in Stafford will be:

1200 – Post Opens

1400 – Pick up road packets/t-shirts, etc.

1700-2000 – Dinner

1800 – All Riders Brief

One minor change, the location for the stop in Tappahannock will not be Essex square, but rather Lowe’s parking lot on the South end of town..

Download Maps

2021 ISLR Route Maps Released