Department of Virginia Legion Family,


As with the first Friday of each month, the BLS employment statistics were released today.  Attached is the monthly ‘cheat sheet’ for your use and information.  The national unemployment rate for October 2017 decreased from 4.2% to 4.1% and the Veteran unemployment numbers for October 2017 decreased from 3.0% to 2.7%.   


In addition, I have attached the Veteran Employment and Education Awards submission. There are many deserving companies, both large and small, along with LVERs, DVOPs that deserve recognition for the outstanding work that they perform each and every month. The current statistics from the BLS report show that and it is our responsibility to acknowledge the ones out there from the Commonwealth of Virginia who are going above and beyond.


Please take a moment and review the packet and submit your nominations to Department Headquarters NLT December 8, 2017. This allows the Department’s decision on award nominees to be advanced to National by their cut-off date in January. Make your correspondence attention to: Veterans Employment and Education Committee


For God and Country,


Dave Wallace                                            

Veteran Employment and Education Chair

Department of Virginia

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data – October 2017