2018 VA State JSSP Results 05072018

Greetings Competitors,

I hope you all had a great time at The American Legion State Air Rifle Match at the Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club. I know we enjoyed having you there. I find myself telling the American Legion about the professionalism and dedication of our air rifle community and yet again you have carried on that tradition.  Thank You Claude Davenport Commander of Post 72 help with everything and Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club for hosting.

In the future you will start to notice we are going to update how The American Legion handles the Air Rifle program, it is long overdue. We have launched the Facebook page to get information out faster and currently working on a YouTube channel for instructional videos. This I believe will allow us to reach more youth throughout the Commonwealth and build our reputation has the premiere Air Rifle location in the country.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the following

Sporter 1st place, Post 89’s King George High School NJROTC Score 2105-49

Sporter 2nd place, Post 72’s Warrenton Rifles, Cobra Team Score 2050-45

Sporter 3rd place, Post 364’s Forest Park High School AJROTC 1849-15

Sporter Top Shots are,

1st Elizabeth Howell (552-20), 2nd Toni Ludwig (540-10), and Chris Taylor (527-13)

Precision 1st place W.T. Woodson Rifle Club Gold Team Score 2264-96

Precision 2nd place Arlington Scholastic Rifle Team Score 2247-97

Precision 3rd place W.T. Woodson Rifle Club Blue Team 2026-42

Precision Top Shot are,

1st Anna Frazier (579-28), 2nd Aron Tinter (577-28), and 3rd Stephanie Ricigliano (572-31)

Thank You All for supporting The American Legion Jr. Shooting Sports Program

Here are the links to the CMP and Orion Results pages:

William “Joey” Pocan


Email, armymanuknow@yahoo.com


American Legion Jr. Shooting Sports Program 2018 State Match Results