It is easy and simple for each Post and each Legionnaire out immensely.  Please pass on this request to your membership:
  • First, add your Post to the tournament programs
    • Department: Contact Nelson Ritter, Post 21 Winchester, or 540-664-3692 
    • Regional: Contact Matt Matyuf,  Post 150 Sterling, or 202-253-2589 if you want your Post name in the tournament book.  Full Page, Half Page $1,000, Quarter Page $250, and List <$250
    • Hope to see every Post in 16th District at least listed
  • Second, go to your League, Department, and Mid-Atlantic Regional games.
    • League: Your league tournament will either be at your home field or at Front Royal.
    • Department: You can get a ticket to Winchester and James Wood stadium through Post 21.
    • Regional: You can purchase a ticket to the Mid-Atlantic Regional on-line.  You can purchase tickets online through and search for Post 34 Leesburg.!/app/school/1a63a7d2-b752-4d42-899a-0a1ff92d6c82  ;
    • If you purchase a $7 dollar ticket and you get tickets for your family members and you take them out to the ballgame, we will have enough to cover tournament costs.  We provide a fantastic experience for these young men.  They will remember these tournament for the rest of their lives. Will they remember looking up and seeing many Legionnaires in the stands or will they leave wondering why they didn’t come!
Jim Grenier
American Legion Baseball
Chairman, Department of Virginia
American Legion League Playoffs, Department, and Regional Tournaments Coming Soon!