Good Afternoon,

Next Thursday, April 14, a memorial service will be held at Amelia Veterans Cemetery at 11:00am for three unclaimed military veterans recently deceased in Richmond. Each of the three veterans were honorably discharged.

Because these veterans have no known family or friends, the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and the Office of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office (VA) will honor them with an unclaimed service. Everyone who can make it is invited to attend this service to support these unclaimed veterans with the final honors they deserve.

I wanted to ensure the American Legion was aware of this service so word can get out and we get maximum attendance. 

The Veterans and Military Law Association at Richmond Law will have representatives present.

Semper Fidelis,

Albert Flores

Albert S. Flores, Jr.

Major, U.S. Marine Corps (Reserves)


Juris Doctor Candidate, Class of 2016

President, Veterans and Military Law Association (VMLA)

University of Richmond School of Law

April 14 Memorial Service for Unclaimed Veterans in Amelia