The following Department Officers were elected, appointed and installed at the 99th Department of Virginia Convention in Dulles, VA!

Department Commander:  Thomas E Lee III (Post 55)

National Executive Committeeman Elect*: Mike Mitrione (Post 55)

Alternate National Executive Committeeman Elect*: Linden Dixon Post 139)

Department Vice Commanders: Samuel Ramseur (Post 162), Tom Hart (Post 147), Rick Oertel (Post 284)

Department Chaplain: Dr. Frank Carr (Post 99)

Department Sgt-at-Arms: Walter Davis (Post 29)

Department Adjutant: Dale Chapman (Post 325)

Department Historian:  Terry Brentlinger (Post 284)

Department Judge Advocate:  Joe Vacarro (Post 56)

Department Service Officer: Brian Mullican (Post 364)

Department Treasurer: Bill Feasenmyer (Post 284)


*National Positions become effective upon the Close of the 99th National Convention



Congratulations to the Department Officers for 2017-2018!