Department Commanders; Department Adjutants;

The Office of the Secretary of Defense has reached out to The American Legion and other organizations in order to get an idea of how many D-Day veterans will be travelling next month to France to participate in the 70th Anniversary Commemoration.

Pentagon Officials are trying to coordinate in-country travel, as well as inform Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel of possible meeting arrangements during this time.

The American Legion National Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Office needs the following information:

–  Names of any D-Day vets who will travelling to France for the commemoration.

– The unit they served with.

– Where they will be staying while in France (i.e. Paris).

– Dates of their visit.

We thank you for your assistance and look forward to your response.


Joseph Grassi

Deputy Director, National Security & Foreign Relations Division

Phone: 202.263.2993  Cell: 202.213.9770  Fax: 202.861.0033

D-Day Veterans / 70th Anniversary Commemoration