March 18, 2024

Fellow Legionnaires:

Effective immediately, the Department Internal Affairs Committee (IAC) has appointed Joe Shine to serve as interim Department Service Officer until the completion of the 2023-24 Legion year. Joe is a 25-year Legionnaire and a member of Colonial Heights Post 284. He is VA accredited and has served as a service officer for almost 23 years, including one year as Service Officer for the Department of Nevada. Joe and his wife, Cheryl, have been active at the Department level for many years and should be known to most of you. Please welcome Joe and give him your full cooperation and support.

The IAC intends to interview candidates for Department Service Officer for the 2024-25 Legion year. Interested service officers should email Chairman Brett Reistad at for consideration.

Department Service Officer Appointment 2024 – March 18, 2024