Smithfield Post 49 recently held their annual First Responder Recognition Dinner on February 5, 2019. The Legionnaires of Post 49 hold the annual dinner and ceremony to recognize the First Responders from the Isle of Wright. Honorees are selected by their individual organizations.

Recognized by Post 49 (from left to right) are: Patrick Dashiell, Deontae Jefferson, Lt. G Parker Jernigan, Trooper Nicholas Pittman, Shelby Hamilton, Deputy Paul Krohn, and Jeff Looney

The 2019 honorees were:

  • Patrick Dashiell, Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department
  • Deontae Jefferson, Rushmere Volunteer Fire Department
  • Lt. G Parker Jernigan, Windsor Police
  • Trooper Nicholas Pittman, Virginia State Police
  • Shelby Hamilton, Isle of Wight Emergency Services
  • Deputy Paul Krohn, Isle of Wight Sherriff’s Office
  • Jeff Looney, Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Jeremy Ascension, Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department

The efforts are part of the overall American Legion efforts under the National Security Law and Order Subcommittee Virginia Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and the Virginia Firefighter/EMT of the Year Award program. These programs are an outstanding way to recognize those First Responders that go above and beyond the call of their regular duty to enhance the lives of the citizens in their respective communities.

Congratulations to all those recognized by Smithfield Post 49 and we thank you for your service to your community, state, and nation.

First Responder Recognition