From the National Adjutant Daniel Wheeler


Anytime you receive a suspicious email asking you to do something unclear and having a link to click on, DO NOT DO SO.  In the case of the one received today by some of you, this is what the link goes to.  To go any further, or even that far, can cause a lot of headaches for you.  If you have any questions, just forward the email to or to  chances are, if it looks suspicious, it is phishing.


When you click on the link windows defender grabs it as a nefarious site.


The website is listed. I would not continue to the site as it obviously a virus or crypto. Any one that opens the file and clicks the download button on a windows machine, windows defender should show this pop up. Not sure what would happen on a phone if anything.

I went ahead and followed all the links through even when my computer told me not to. It goes to a fake dropbox site and will ask for your email login. It’s fishing for your email login information. I put a fake address in and it takes me all the way through and lands on

They make you think you’ll get the speech or whatever the email says they want you to do, but in the end they get your email address and password.

Sean Guthrie

The American Legion NHQ

Information Technology