The Legion  did not get the State funeral, as requested  by Legion Resolution No. 41(2018),  originated by Virginia, and GOV  Northam wrote POTUS a letter requesting a State funeral.  Congress will give D.C. honors for  the last Medal of Honor  recipient.   He will  lay in the rotunda and then  proceed to the WW II Memorial  for a second  service.  This is a historic  event!

Anyone  in D.C. by 4 PM?  We need  Legionnaires with covers/hats at WW  II Memorial by  3:30  PM  on Thursday JULY  14, 2022  to honor  Last WW II  recipient of the Medal  of Honor.  A  service will take  place at 4 PM.   Federal Triangle is the closest metro stop?

I got word  today.  It is last minute.  

Details follow:

1.   American Legion Resolution No. 41  (2018), originated by Virginia, asked for a State Funeral For The Last World War II Medal Of Honor Recipient. Now we need  Virginia Legionnaires to honor the last WWII MOH recipient,  and Legionnaire, Hershel Woody Williams for this historic event. 

2.   10 AM – 3 PM Mr. Williams will  lay in honor at the Capitol Rotunda,  a closed  event.  The first enlisted person to do so. His  casket then will proceed to the WW  II  Memorial, where a second service is scheduled for 4 PM EST, and  Honors will be  paid.  Expect media  coverage.

3.     We ask you  to honor Mr.  Williams and all WW II  veterans  at this historic event.   Email if you may be able to make  it.

Thank  you,  
Part  of a news article follows:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer,  House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, and other Members of the Congressional leadership will participate in the service in the Rotunda of the United States Capital, at 11:00 am on Thursday July 14, 2022.    After lying in honor in the Rotunda for 5.5 hours, a horse drawn caisson will move the coffin of the 98 year old West Virginia native through the streets of our Nation’s Capital to the National World War II Memorial, where a second service will take place at 4pm EST.  The public is encouraged to attend. 

Last WW II Medal of Honor Winner Memorial Service