Greetings Virginia Legionnaires,

We are still working hard on collecting the required 450 Legion license plate applications, from those of you who filled out and sent in the inquiry forms, telling us you wanted a Legion License Plate. NOW is the time for you to send in the DMV application and fee to HQ. Please do so as soon as possible.

If you have members at your Post/District who have not participated in the License Plate Project they can do so by downloading the DMV application from the Department web site or contacting Ron Hesson at 540-337-4305 or If you have questions please contact Ron.

We are dealing with a timeline set forth by our Virginia Delegate who will be sponsoring our License Plate Project. We need your applications in as soon as possible. There were over 575 pre-applications sent in during our first phase of the project.

Please remember to attach the appropriate fee to your application ($10.00) and send the fee and application to DEPARTMENT not DMV. We will continue to update our progress on the Department Web Page and by sending stats to our Department Vice Commanders and all District Commanders. The stats show how many applications are coming from each District and also the Posts that are participating. Periodic reminders will be sent out to members in an effort to reach our goal.

Please help make this project happen.

Department of Virginia

Media-Communications Committee

Legion License Plate Project – August Update