Legion to Congress: Don’t penalize Colorado veterans for VA failures
Deadline Puts Focus on Denver VA Hospital Project

(May 19, 2015)  Veterans in the western U.S. have needed an improved hospital in the Denver region for many years. However, the VA hospital project in Aurora, Colorado now sits only half finished and facing a funding deadline of next week that could doom the project entirely.

Congress must act before they leave for the Memorial Day break this weekend to authorize completion funds for the project.

The American Legion’s National Commander Mike Helm recently stated:

“The American Legion understands the frustration and anger generated nationwide by myriad failures of VA leadership and how it has squandered the trust of America’s veterans.  But we cannot hold Colorado’s veterans accountable for a disaster they did not create – we need to ensure that the Denver hospital does not flounder.  VA and Congress must find a way to see this project through.”

VA Secretary Robert McDonald has come forward with a new proposal outlining how VA can, in good faith, complete the project and ensure accountability moving forward through partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers.  The American Legion believes these are responsible steps toward fixing the problem.

The American Legion is urging Congress to act now to extend VA’s funding authority, and work with VA to ensure the project remains accountable moving forward.  Whatever faults may have brought this project to a crisis point do not lie with the veterans who will be impacted if this hospital isn’t completed.

We cannot in good conscience link mismanagement to the well-being of veterans, please act now and let your member of Congress know you expect both Congress and VA to work together responsibly to complete this critical hospital.




LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Legion to Congress: Don’t penalize Colorado veterans for VA failures