Do Not Mail Claims to VA in Roanoke!!!  They are in the process of closing the mail room. 

When you mail claims directly to the VA your are advised to use the Newnan GA address for compensation claims or the Philadelphia address for pension claims. All compensation claims now go to Newnan for scanning before the VA does anything with them, all pension as well as death/burial claims are being handled in Philadelphia. Mailing them to Roanoke  just delays the claim a few days until they get it back on track.  Below are the addresses for Newnan and Philadelphia.




PO BOX 5235

NEWNAN, GA 30271-0020


Pension Maintenance Center

5000 Wissahickon Ave.

Philadelphia, PA  19101


Additionally,  Do not fax claims or partial claims to Department Headquarters without a cover sheet explaining what it is and what you want done as I have no Idea why they were sent and I will destroy them.


Do not send in a 21-22 that is unsigned to the VA and do not send one to VA that is not signed by one the accredited service officers in the Department.


Department Service Officer

American Legion

Department of Virginia

Mailing Claims to the VA from Dept Service Officer Brian Mullican