Merv Gunderson of the Department of Montana is their NEC and also an avid Legion Rider.  He was involved in a motorcycle accident and was seriously injured.


The following update was provided from Post 29 of the Montana Legion.  I just got off the phone with Patty, Merv’s wife, and she stated surgery on his back yesterday morning went very well. Yesterday he also opened his eyes for the first time. Today is nodding his head  to yes and no questions and has given the thumbs up sign. Tomorrow they are anticipating taking him off the ventilator and doing surgery on his jaw and ribs (putting in plates and screws). Today he has had physical therapy, where they are moving his arms and legs. They also anticipate setting him up tomorrow. They are expecting to keep him in ICU through the end of the week.


Patty has requested all cards and letters be send to their home:


407 Helen Dr

Belgrade, MT  59614


Please keep Merv and his family in your prayers!

Merv Gunderson – Update