Dear Adjutant Chapman,
Thank you for your continued efforts with the 2017 membership campaign. As we move from the 85% target date to the 90% target date, I’ve noticed we are starting to lose pace. This is the first target date for 2017 where we did not achieve our National Target Date goal. Remember, this is the time of year when the extra push needs to happen if we’re going to achieve 100%.

The March renewal notice is hitting the streets as we speak. We need to double-up and triple-up the message to these un-renewed members. This is a great time for your leadership to reach out with a personal contact! To help organize this effort further, I’m going to send an email to the Post leadership in Virginia, and let them know now is the time to ramp-up the campaign! I will also remind them of some of the tools in myLegion that can directly assist with their local efforts.

Once again I’d like to point you to some tools in myLegion that can assist your efforts at the Department level. To access these tools, your Department staff needs to sign into myLegion and choose “Downloads” from the top-toolbar. Then click on the “Miscellaneous Reports and Downloads” folder. There will be a file in that folder labeled “Members in Direct Renewal Campaign”. The file is broken down by District and identifies each unpaid member still in the 2017 renewal campaign.

If you have any trouble you can Email the support team at, or call 800.433.3318 and ask for the myLegion Support team…they’ll be glad to assist you.

Remember, the local message is what means the most to your members in Virginia…it’s the personal contact that will lift our numbers, and allow us to hit our goal for 2017!

Thanks for all your efforts, and good luck!

Best Regards
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Charles E. Schmidt
National Commander

National Commander’s Membership Push