The competition has been postponed to February 15, 2014.  Too many schools are closed and some participants are backing out.  Also, Liberty High has been closed, even today…Thursday…which has impaired preparation for the event.

Up to this point, we had 9 teams ready to compete.  No telling what the 15th will bring, maybe more, maybe less.

Tom and Ray, I sent a text to your JROTC Drill chairman (Danny and Eugene).  Please follow up with them and ask them to contact the sponsored Post to avoid a Post from “being out of the loop”.  Actually, all District Commanders please follow through with this information.

Liberty High and myself have been trying to contact the schools, but many voicemails.  We rather have the school get notified twice than not at all, so please contact the schools you know were participating.

Thank you, and I apologize for the inconvenience

A.B. Brown
American Legion JROTC Northern Region

Northern Region JROTC Drill Team Competition Postponed to February 15, 2014