2023-2024 Ceremonials Sub-Committee:

Chairman:  Rick Shultz (290)

Vice-Chairman: Otha Newton (327)

Members:  Lovevon Bailey (164), Claude Davis (176), Mike Mixon (24), Jeff White (177), John Hess (290)

Ex Officio: Dennis Madtes (176)

Purpose – To supervise and coordinate Department Americanism programs and activities; promote understanding and appreciation of American Government and activities in the American way of life through youth activities, community service, instruction of prospective citizens and immigrants, education and educational facilities; and to combat subversive activities.

To formulate, recommend and implement policies and procedures for the promotion of scouting activities among sponsoring Legion Posts and to encourage and assist Posts in developing an active scouting scholarship program. To organize and offer the youth of Virginia comprehensive instruction on gun safety, while at the same time, provide a wholesome recreational activity.

Reporting: The Chairman of the Americanism Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.