2023-2024 Athletic Committee

Chairman:  James Grenier (34),

Vice Chairman: TBD

Members:  Mike Farabaugh (176), Joel Driscoll (176), Nelson Ritter (21), Troy Blanchard (290)

PDC Advisor: Dave Stein (290)

The Department of Virginia has a number of athletic activities for our members.  The activities include the following sports:

2016 Athletic and Baseball Committee Handbook

Purpose- To plan, recommend and implement policies and procedures relating to the promotion and conduct of organizational athletic programs and activities within the Department; and to supervise and coordinate to all Department tournament activities. To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies and procedures for the promotion and administration of the American Legion Senior and Junior Baseball Program within the Department; and to supervise and coordinate the conduct of the Department baseball tournaments.

Reporting: The Chairman of the Athletic Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.