2023-2024 Awards & Recognition Committee

Chairman: Thomas Saunders (29)

Vice-Chairmen:  Frank Hillyard (77), Les Clevinger (164), Mike Mitrione (55)

Members:  Gerald Rhoads (88), Gene Malinowski (182), Dale Chapman (325)

Advisor:  Butch Miller (364)

Purpose– To promulgate rules and guidelines for the submission of nominations for all awards offered by the Department of Virginia, causing such to be appropriately publicized whereby all segments of the Department will be familiar with the same. While the primary responsibilities shall be the selection of individuals for the nomination of The American Legion Distinguished Service Medal, it may initiate other awards in cases where it would be appropriate for the Department to give special recognition but of lesser significance than the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest award given by the Department.


Reporting: The Chairman of the Awards and Recognition Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.