2019-2020 Membership Committee:

Chairman:  John Ward (34)

Vice Chairmen: Nelson Ritter (21), Walter Davis (29), John Schenk (327)

Members: Tom Hart (147), Frank Carr (99), James McKeever (120), Ed Amoros (176), Earl Pierce (67), Johnny Baker (320), Curry Brooks (190), Jim Rovinski (120), Sonnie Dickerson (330), William Jones (67), Kyle Weiss (148), Terri Puckett (34)

PDC Advisor: Linden Dixon (139)

The Department membership report is updated weekly and can be found using the link on the right side bar. Other resources can be found below.

2019-2020 Department Membership Awards Dates:

Cardinal Award (35%) – August 14, 2019

Jefferson Award (50%) – September 4, 2019

Jamestown Award (55%) – October 2, 2019

Veterans Day Award (65%) – November 6, 2019

Dogwood Award (75%) – December 4, 2019

Yorktown Award (85%) – January 8, 2020

Foxhound Award (90%) – February 5, 2020

Legion Birthday Award (95%) – March 4, 2020

Old Dominion Award (100%) – April 1, 2020-Gold Certificate

–  April 15, 2020-Silver Certificate

– May 6, 2020-Blue Certificate

Dan Daniel Plaque (110%) –  June 3, 2020

Post Honor Ribbon – *100% by December 26, 2019*

Membership Eligibility

If you have served federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or are still serving – you are eligible for membership in The American Legion!

We’re veterans just like you, nearly 2 million strong, who care about America, veterans and their families and our nation’s youth. The Legion is a powerful voice in Washington dedicated to preserving the rights we’ve all earned – and were promised – by service to our nation in uniform.

We invite you to join us now. Membership brings an impressive array of benefits. The American Legion is always there for you and your family. – in Virginia we have 208 posts, and over 39,500 members.  Just like you, we’re “Still Serving America!”

Purpose- To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies relating to the recruitment of members and the functioning of Posts, Districts, and Regions in a manner to attract and retain members; further to develop promotional activities as necessary for the accomplishment of said activity and attainment of stated goals within each tier. To assist the New Post and DMS Committee in revitalization of existing Posts within the Regions.

Reporting: The Chairman of the Membership & Post Activities Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.