2023-2024 National Security Committee:

Chairman:  Guillermo Guillén (180)

Vice Chairman: W. Glenn Yarborough (270)

Members: Shirley Gaines (194), Perry Johnson (133), Maurice Alexander (83), Glenn Purvis (56), Ron Krauklis (104), Ivey Williams (29), Monti Zimmerman (1995), Fred Kinkin (110), Deloris Todman (165), Mike Mixon (24), Kevin Gaddis (176)

PDC Advisor: Gerald Rhoads (88)

Activities under the National Security Program include:

Purpose– To supervise and coordinate Department activities, seeking to secure peace for the citizens of the United States through National and Homeland Security. Through educational programs, provide an opportunity for citizens and the youth of Virginia to learn about law enforcement responsibilities and training from various city, county, state and federal agencies. Committee responsibilities include supervision of the administration of the ROTC and National Guard Recognition Program and the Blood Donor Program.

 To formulate, recommend and implement policies and procedures for the promotion of the POW/MIA issue throughout the membership of the American Legion in Virginia; to supervise and coordinate national programs regarding POW/MIA’s within the Department. To promote, formulate, recommend and implement policies and procedures necessary to recognize Fire Fighters and Police Officers by all Posts within the Department and forward Department winners to National for inclusion in National contests. To promote the use of facilities and manpower of  The American Legion to augment agencies to maintain homeland security and border control in case of national emergencies and help to coordinate and promote observance of law and order by reason of the exigencies of war.

Reporting: The Chairman of the National Security Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee