2019-2020 Law & Order Sub-Committee:

Chairman:  Bill Feasenmyer (284) (W Phone) 804-520-9281, (Cell) 804-337-8753, Email: billfeas2@comcast.net

Vice Chairmen: Phil Dunn (180), Edward Mercer (55)

Members: Edward Bryant (46), Steve Hall (68), John Burrell (1991), Joyce Miller (180), Mike Mixon (24), Nelson Blankenship (133), John Schenk (327), Rick Ward (75), Tommy Powell (130)

The Virginia Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and the Virginia Firefighter/EMT of the Year Award is an outstanding way to recognize those first responders that go above and beyond the call of their regular duty to enhance the lives of the citizens in their respective communities. Volunteerism is the focus of this award, in addition to exemplary service to their agency and community. Acts of heroism and selflessness should particularly be expounded upon and should be recognized appropriately. The winner of this prestigious Department Award is forwarded to National for additional consideration as a Regional or National Award winner. This committee acknowledges and appreciates the many posts throughout the Department that already support and recognize first responders in their communities. This award is meant to take that a step further for those who truly do go above and beyond the call of duty. Submit your completed application to The Department of Virginia not later than February 15 of each year to be considered. The winner is invited to the Department Convention in July where the presentation is made. For more information contact the Law and Order Chairman listed above.

Annual Awards Application Forms and Information:

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: VA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Firefighter EMT of the Year: VA Firefighter EMT of the Year