2022-2023 Media and Communications Committee: 

Chairman: Dave Wallace (180)

Vice Chairman: Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado (180)

Members: Bobby Ricketts (16), Robert Randall (190), William Chan (25), Richard Coles (284), Victor Graulau (28)

Official Photographer: Dave Wallace (180)

Webmaster: John Kokernak (1995)

Ex-Officio Member: Dave Stein (290)

PDC Advisor: Brett Reistad (270)

Purpose- Promote a positive image of the American Legion both within the membership and our communities through education, guidance, encouragement and the facilitation of public relations resources. The committee recognizes and advocates that every member of the American Legion family plays an important role toward this worthy objective. The committee meetings provide a forum to discuss organizational events, formulate, recommend and implement Department and National initiatives and effectively promote the programs at all levels.

Reporting: The Chairman of the Public Relations Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.