This is a follow up to the discussion at the Department Fall Conference.  The request for a copy of your post articles of incorporation is being requested based on the changes to the Department Constitution & Bylaws at the 2015 Department Convention.  These changes impacted Article IX (Posts) Sections 1 & 2 (Charter) of the Department Constitution, as well as other areas.
This change requires all Posts (except Post 141) to be incorporated for the life of the Post and dictates specific wording regarding notification timelines and requirements for major decisions affecting post property and assets. It also requires Posts to provide copies of the Post incorporation documents (Articles of incorporation and Incorporation Bylaws) and Post EIN to be provided to Department Hqs.  Changes to these documents must also be provided to the Department HQs.
If you have not already reviewed Article IX Sections 1 & 2, you need to do so and if your Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Bylaws do not meet the requirements listed therein, please initiate the process to modify them accordingly. Please let your District Commander know the status of this process. If your Articles of incorporation do meet the requirements please send a copy to the Department HQs and let your District Commander know that you have done so.
You are also required to provide a copy of your Post EIN number and a copy of your current Corporation Officers.  If you provide a copy of your 2016 Annual Report to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), it includes your current officers.
Post Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Documents