2018-2019 Boys State Committee

Chairman:  Bob Shumar (284)

Vice Chairman: A.D. Carter (34)

Members: Bill Stramm (56), Jim Flint (127), Ken Knight (176), Denis Confer (57), Douglas Morgan (74), Joe Shine (75), Thom Guthrie (17), Steve Cox (29), Bob Brady (247), William Chan (39), Steve Robertson (290)

Officers of Board of Directors

Director: Linden Dixon (139)

Deputy Direcotr: Robert O’Keefe (48)

Registrar: Denis Confer (57)

Advisors: George Blume (182), Thomas Saunders (29)

Boys State Corporation Officers

President: Tommy Lee (55)

Vice President: Matthew Hartman (1776)

Secretary: Scott Maddrea (244)

Treasurer: Larry D. Greene

Purpose: To formulate, recommend and implement adopted policies and procedures for the promotion of Boys State of Virginia and to assist the its Board of Directors in the coordination and implementation of the overall program.

Reporting: The Chairman of Boys State Committee reports its actions and activities to the Department Executive Committee.

American Legion Posts select outstanding high school students to attend Boys
State/Boys Nation every year. During the week-long program, participants receive
instruction on citizenship and experience first-hand how their state and federal
governments function. For more information contact Program Director Gerald Rhoads
(757) 484-7464.

The following forms/documents should be used for the 2018 Session of Virginia American Legion Boys State:









Please note that all staff volunteering at Virginia American Legion Boys State must complete a background check prior to attending Boys State.  Please click the following link to complete the background investigation.



For More Information on the American Legion Boys State and Boys Nation, please see below:

Visit the Virginia American Legion Boys State Website for more information

Visit the Ameican Legion Boys Nation Website for more information