2023-2024 Boy Scout Sub-Committee:

Chairman: Joe Adair (75)

Vice Chairman: Kemper Dadisman (27),

Members:   Lowell Flickenger (284), John Burrell (1991), Jay Krail (280), Randy Young (1995)

Legion posts sponsor approximately 2,500 Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer units each year to foster wholesome development of America’s youth.  This is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as veterans to help build character and positive traits in our country’s youth.  Many of our American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion squadrons also sponsor scouting units.  Annually, the American Legion awards the Eagle Scout of the Year with a college scholarship.  For more information contact Program Chairman Lowell Badgley at (434) 295-5952.

Eagle Scout of the Year Application

Square Knot Award Information