The Public Relations Committee is gathering pictures to make a DVD that shows all the American Legion Posts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This DVD will be shown at the Department Convention and all Department Conferences.  The pictures will also be available on the Department of Virginia website.

In order to do this, we need your support!  We request that each post send a picture of your post to the Department of Virginia Headquarters at 1708 Commonwealth Ave, Richmond, VA 23230 Attn: Post Photo Project or an E-mail with your post picture to Erica’s email address

We know that all Posts do not have a Post home, if you do not have a post home then please send us a picture of where your Post conducts its meeting and meets with your members,

All post are asked to please include your post name and number, the City where you are located and short biography or history of your Post.

Public Relations needs your input by June 1 2014 to complete this by the Virginia American Legion Department Convention, your help with this is greatly appreciated

Public Relations Project – Post Photos