August 28, 2022: Seas the Day. It takes place noon to 3 PM at Walnut Creek Park (10 miles southwest of Charlottesville).

Seas the Day is an outdoor event for veterans, active-duty military, Guard, and Reserve (together referenced in this note as “veterans”), and their families, at no cost to attendees. The purpose of Seas the Day is for attendees to have a carefree, fun-filled day for the whole family and to become acquainted with over twenty veteran-related organizations that have information stations with knowledgeable staff members and volunteers. These charities and businesses are typically recreational, mental health, and veteran-assistance organizations. Seas the Day makes it possible for veterans and their families to have fun, try new activities, learn about organizations that provide help and services, and take inspiration from other veterans. It is also a day for the greater Charlottesville community to celebrate our veterans and their loved ones. At the Seas the Day last year we had over 200 attendees. We feature a free catered lunch (for you as well!), and the event will be held rain or shine.

Registration for this free event:

Seas the Day Veterans Event