Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,

The mission to help veterans and their families was at the heart of our organization’s birth nearly 100 years ago. Service above self still guides The American Legion today.

Consider that during the recent American Legion Legacy Run, a record $1 million was raised. These funds provide scholarship money for the children of servicemembers who lost their lives on active duty since 9/11. This is one example of how The American Legion demonstrates its commitment to the families of servicemembers.

Donations to American Legion Charities also help fund Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW), Child Welfare Foundation (CWF), Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA), National Emergency Fund (NEF) and other important programs.

When I became national commander a couple of weeks ago, I announced my 4 x 4 program. One “4” stands for raising $4 million among The American Legion Family – the Legion, Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and Legion Riders. The other “4” also represents 4 million – that’s 4 million members of the Legion Family.

The goals are well within our reach. The rewards will represent significant progress for our organization.

I devised the 4 x 4 program so that all of our charitable outreach initiatives would benefit. You may have a passion to help our wounded servicemen and women, so a donation to OCW would be appropriate. Or you may want to send a contribution to a program that assists children, such as CWF, TFA or the Legacy Scholarship Fund. In any case, I am asking for your kind donations to whichever program or programs you wish to support.

These programs are effective because of our volunteers. These are men and women who deliver checks to victims in disaster zones, hold fundraising events and purchase comfort items for recovering troops in warrior transition units. Without these volunteers in the Legion, Auxiliary and SAL on the front lines, our organizations would all cease to exist.

To keep these programs viable, we must keep our membership strong. I am asking you to recruit all eligible veterans you meet. Invite their sons and grandsons to join the SAL. Encourage wives and daughters to join the Auxiliary.

On behalf of the nation’s largest and most influential veterans service organization, thank you for what you do every day on behalf of veterans, their families and young people.

For God and Country,
Mike Helm
National Commander


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