On behalf of the Student Conservation Association:

SCA welcomes US Military Veterans in all of our Corps and Internship programs across the country. We recognize that outdoor conservation work is a natural fit for many veterans who have experience living and working with others as a team, completing tasks that require endurance and rigorous physical conditioning, and adapting to outdoor living situations or other new environments.

In collaboration with federal land management agencies, SCA offers training programs to help returning veterans transition to civilian life and prepare for careers in conservation. Veterans who successfully complete these programs earn certifications in wildland firefighting, chainsaw operation, wilderness medicine, and more. They also have the opportunity to build camaraderie with other veterans and emerging conservation professionals who share a passion for service. If you have any questions about these positions or other Veterans opportunities with SCA, please email us at recruiting@thesca.org.

SCA waives application fees for all US Military Veterans.

To Learn More Visit: http://www.thesca.org/serve/program/veterans-opportunities

Tina Parlett-Calhoun

Director of Communications

Virginia Department of Veteran Services

900 East Main Street, West Wing, 6th Floor

Richmond, VA 23219


804-371-0441 office

Student Conservation Association Offers Internship Programs to Veterans