Good Morning,


In order to better serve you and improve our business processes, we are implementing a new policy of emailing TFA denial and approval letters instead of mailing the letters via USPS as we have in the past.


Be assured that every effort is being made to streamline the TFA process and make information available to our Departments so they can quickly and efficiently process their Temporary Financial Assistance applications.


The approved TFA checks, along with a copy of the approval letter will  still be mailed to Department Adjutants unless otherwise requested.


I have attached an updated TFA application to include a line for the investigator’s email address so that they can be included in our emails going forward. In the interim, we would like for Departments to inform investigators on the status of their TFA applications.


Please distribute this announcement to the appropriate people within your Department who may also need to be aware of this upcoming transition.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for all that you do!



Meagen Sweet

Assistant Director, Youth Welfare

Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) Announcement