Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                           May 4th, 2015
Commanders Message:

Here we are in the merry month of May.  It doesn’t seem possible.  The past nine months have gone by extremely fast.  I thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for our great organization, but we still have additional work to be completed.

A quick reminder for every Post to submit consolidated post reports this month.  Department Adjutant Dale Chapman will provide additional details regarding post reporting in his article.

Have you submitted your pre application for American Legion license plates?  The DMV requires applications that would assure the issue of plates for 450 vehicles.  This includes motorcycles.  What a great way to promote The American Legion.

I wish to congratulate the 56 Post and one district (to date) that have achieved their 100% membership goal.   GREAT JOB!

Every legionnaire is a member of the membership team.  We would be grateful for the help of all legionnaires in helping your Post, District and Region to achieve 100%.  Let your post adjutant or membership chairman know you would like to assist in contacting members that have not renewed for 2015.  If you know a qualified veteran; recruit him/her for our great organization.  When you talk to a potential member, tell the veteran what we do (four pillars) and the reasons we are a great veterans organization; as defined in our Preamble.


For those Post that have not achieved your goal, remain dedicated, committed and persevere; you can achieve your goal prior to the Department convention.


The Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion contains 10 clauses, each of which has significant meaning.  These clauses identify what The American Legion does.

For God and Country, we associate ourselves together…This introductory statement declares the allegiance of Legionnaires, in all endeavors, to both God and Nation.  First things First.


To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the great wars…This month we will recognize VE day on May 8th and Memorial Day on May 25th.


The American Legion evolved from a group of war-weary WW1 veterans and has become the largest organization of war time veterans and the strongest advocate for veterans.

Membership is the foundation on which the four pillars of The American Legion stands.  Every Post, through retention, recruitment and reinstatement will assure our foundation remains strong.


For God and Country

Gerald Rhoads

Department Commander

Northern Vice Commander

In the first published issue of

i – legionnaire, Department Commander Gerald Rhoads stated that “Our Organization is what it is because of our members.” and “…is proud of the great members of the Department of Virginia.”


Time and time again, you read or hear that the most important asset of a business is its people. The quality and profit of a business and its product is directly related to the performance of its help.  The same holds true of us…


This is no surprise when you think about it.  We are veterans. Some drafted, some volunteered. We served and did what we were told to do with determination, loyalty, trust, and so on.  Our patriotism is steadfast.


After visiting many Posts, no two Posts are alike, or Districts, etc.  The similarity is that they all have the same mission.  The end quality is top notch!


All of us are asked to participate in retaining members, and seek new members.  This  requires action.


With the wave of additional members ranging from drafted to volunteer veterans, we will stay strong. Our differences will only enhance our main objectives as charged in our Preamble and described in the Four Pillars.


Different methods, same end.


For God and Country,


A.B. Brown

Vice Commander

Department of Virginia



Programs that could use your participation !

Department of Virginia License Plate Project Update


Most of you already know that we have received 396 inquiry applications, which reflects 88% of the total goal of 450.

We have 261 members participating out of  43,112 +.

All 17 Districts have responded with the following totals of members for each District:

Dist 1 – 3

Dist 2 – 21

Dist 3 – 13

Dist 4 – 7

Dist 5 – 8

Dist 6 – 31

Dist 7 – 7

Dist 8 – 2

Dist 9 – 5

Dist 10 – 11

Dist 11 – 31

Dist 12 – 12

Dist 13 – 26

Dist 14 – 7

Dist 15 – 11

Dist 16 – 33

Dist 17 – 28




with members


as of



The following Posts have members participating:

4 8 9 10 16 19 20 21 24 25 34 35 36 39 41 46 53 55 60 62 64 67 72 74 75 77 78 79 80 84 85 86 88 89 104 110 116 120 130 139 141 144 146 156 158 159 160 162 164 166 175 176 177 180 182 184 186 188 191 194 221 232 242 244 245 247 265 269 270 284 290 293 311 314 320 325 327 330 340 364 368 2003





78 participating Posts in the project out of 229!



R on Hesson

Media-Communications Committee


Fellow Legion Family members,

Based on the phone calls and emails that I have received, especially over the last week or so, I know that many of you are really working hard on getting candidates for the

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy supported by the Virginia State Police. This is basically just an update on where we currently stand so that you can see for yourselves

what we all need to do in just a very short time. I know that Legion Families are finding it hard to find the funds for Boys and Girls State and the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy.

I also know that many of you are being very creative in finding the necessary funds and I applaud you for that effort. As of this date, we have 22 confirmed applications and checks on

receipt at Department HQ. Remember that the VSP have opened up their doors a little wider than in the past and have expanded the capacity from 40 to 55. Let’s take advantage for their

generosity and support and hit that mark. You can find updated info on the Department website, however, briefly we are looking for male and female cadets who will be between their junior

and senior year in HS, have a learners or driving permit, and have an interest in some aspect of law enforcement. The academy starts on Sunday, June 21 with graduation on Friday, June 26.

Registration fees remain at $200. Thank you all in advance for your support of this program and for all you do to support the Four Pillars.


For God and Country,


Bill Feasenmyer


Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy  

Department of Virginia American Legion Family 2015 Leadership College


Greetings to my fellow Legionnaires, American Legion Auxiliary members, Sons of the American Legion and American Legion Riders!


The Department of Virginia will be conducting the 2015 American Legion Family Leadership College at the Double Tree Richmond-Midlothian Hotel in Richmond, VA on Friday, August 7, 2015 through Sunday, August 9, 2015.  Our Legion Program will include instruction in the National Leadership, Education And Development (LEAD) program as well as continuing to offer information on some of our core Virginia programs like Boys State, JROTC Drill Team, Jr Shooting Sports, etc.  I have been assured by my counterparts with the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion that they are also planning some interesting, creative and different information sessions that you will not want to miss.


So please consider this your invitation to attend our Leadership College.  Whether this is your first time attending or if you have attend the Leadership College in the past, we want you to feel welcome to attend and hopefully learn something new about the American Legion Family, make some new friends and/or see some old friends, and share some ideas of what has worked or not worked so well at your post, unit or squadron!

The registration package for the 2015 American Legion Family Leadership College can be found on the Department of Virginia Website (www.valegion.org)

under Upcoming Events, or by clicking on the box below this article.


We look forward to seeing you there!  Please feel free to contact me at jkokernak@aol.com if you have any questions.


John Kokernak

Director, Virginia Legion College




The Daniel J. O’Connor Americanism Trophy


My fellow legionnaires that time of year is here once again REPORTING.

You will hear at many meetings that you attend how important your reports are to the Department. The Daniel J O’Conner Americanism trophy is awarded to the Department with the outstanding

Americanism program for the year. We must meet some criteria in competing for this prestigious award. We have to take into account the number of members in each post as of March 1,2015 and the I must submit a narrative statement of at least 200 words but not to exceed 500 words by July 15,2015.

This award is honor of the Honorable Daniel J O’Conner, who was the Ntl Americanism Chair (1962-1983) and Chairman Emeritus (1984-2004) and the trophy will be presented at the NationalConvention.

 This trophy is awarded annually to the department selected from among the top three departments attaining the greatest number of percentage points which are derived from activities reported on the Consolidated Post Report form and which submits the best narrative statement supporting the claim of points shown.

The Department of Virginia I am proud to say that through all of your hard work and efforts has received this award 8 out of the last 11 years and have a total of 9 awards. This year with all of your hard work and dedication we can make it 10 and 2 in a row. So when you hear the talk of reporting this is one reason why. Take the time fill out your consolidated post report and remember everything we do is for the veteran and their families, but we want to be proud of our work and let the other Departments know that Virginia is doing things the only way that they can be done and that is the BEST.


David M Stein

Americanism Chairman
Gerald Rhoads, Department Commander
The American Legion Department of Virginia
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