The American Legion Legacy Run will occur Aug. 18-22, 2024. The 1,100-mile ride will leave from American Legion Post 21 in Independence, MO, on Aug. 18th and travel through Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi, trekking the final leg across Lake Pontchartrain Causeway into the New Orleans area. American Legion Post 267 will be the final stop of the Legacy Run. Along the route, riders will not only be supporting the Veterans and Children’s Foundation but also experiencing the breathtaking scenery of the American Mid-south, which includes Branson, MO, Arkansas Scenic Hwy 7 (the Pig Trail,) Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, escorting the Vietnam Wall, visiting a veteran’s home & veterans cemetery, and a huge surprise on Day 3 that will be kept under wraps until the all riders brief on August 17th. 

Hope to see you there as we support our veterans and the Veterans and Children’s Foundation (VCF). A foundation for hope that supports our veterans, youth, and service officers. For more details, contact national headquarters at

To Register for the Legacy Run:

There will be 4 or 5 groups leaving from Virginia,  follow the Department of Virginia American Legion Riders Events page or the group E page.

Randy BB Gunn

A-Flight Road Captain 

National Legacy Run 

American Legion Riders 

Department of Virginia


The Legacy Run Registration is now open!