Army Policy Disch Uprgades and PTSD

I have received  the following information from several sources today.  It was put out two years ago but there has been updated information so we are putting it out for widest dissemination.


Some info just in case this applies to anyone here:
. DOD Improves Discharge Upgrade Process for Veterans with PTSD: On September 3, 2014, then Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel issued a memo instructing Boards for Correction of Military/Naval Records (BCM/NR) to grant “liberal consideration” to requests for discharge upgrades from veterans who may have been suffering from PTSD before it was a recognized diagnosis. Previously, those upgrade requests would have been denied, because veterans had no way of proving they had PTSD while still in service. The policy change was especially helpful for Vietnam veterans, whose post-service PTSD diagnoses had not been recognized by the BCM/NR up to that point. Unfortunately, the memo did not explicitly allow veterans who had been denied under the old rules to reapply under the new rules. To correct this error, DOD issued a memo on February 24, 2016, clarifying that those veterans may reapply under the new policy. It also waives the statute of limitations in those cases. If you or someone you know wishes to apply for a discharge upgrade under this policy.


For more information see attached letter from DOD and a Policy statement from the Army Review Boards Agency.


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Upgrade of Discharge for persons diagnosed with PTSD