VA Legacy Run Registration

Fellow Riders:


Attached are the registration forms for the inaugural Virginia State Legacy Scholarship Fund ride. Please print the file, fill out the registration form (front and back) and the medical form ASAP and return them (along with fees) to Randy Gunn at the address on the registration form.


I would request that all directors and riders give this the widest possible dissemination, especially in the North and West regions.  I only have direct contact with the rider directors in the Eastern Region.  Any help you can provide in  getting this out to all the rider chapters in Virginia would be greatly appreciated.  We are using several different email and facebook routes to get the word out about the ride.  So if you get the information in a couple of different ways, that is the reason.


The hotel list will be out shortly.  We are trying to get a “Rider Rate” at some of the hotels.  That process is ongoing.


If there are any questions, please contact either myself (804) 469-5414, or Randy Gunn (804) 271-0701.

Hope to see you all on the ride !


Skip Klaas

Head Road Captain

Virginia American Legion Instate Legacy Scholarship Ride   


VA Instate Legacy Scholarship Fund Ride Registration