I am an Active Duty Coast Guardsman and a long time legion member.  I have noticed that in the greater DC area that Veterans are not included in many of the parades and ceremonies held throughout the District and I am hoping to change that. We have created a large banner with all the Service logos on it and I am hoping to develop a bang list of veterans who are interested in hearing about upcoming events you can participate in at the national level such as parades and youth events where we pass our knowledge forward.  If you would like to be on the list to receive these notifications (a few a month) please contact LCDR Jonathan Schafler, Community Affairs Officer, United States Coast Guard at jonathan.i.schafler@uscg.mil

Lets show our veteran pride together.


Lieutenant Commander
Jonathan Schafler
Community Affairs Officer
Base National Capital Region
U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE
Washington D.C.
Office: 202-372-2272
Cell: 757-672-7854
NIPRNET: jonathan.i.schafler@uscg.mil

Veterans Walking in DC Parades