“Several States have authorized the display of the Air Medal on commemorative license plates.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is not one of them.  Although it was authorized by the Senate in 2001 and approved by the Committee on Transportation, no petition was ever submitted with the requisite number of prepaid signatures to allow the DMV to authorize production of the plate.

“If you are a recipient of this award, would like to be able to display such a plate on your vehicle, and would be willing to add your name to such a petition, please forward your name to me at pkeeton@cox.net and I will add it to a database.  When we reach 450 signatures, I will prepare a petition, including the signatures, and forward it to the members of the General Assembly for consideration and approval.  I understand the cost of such a plate would be $20.00, and I would request that, like those commemorating other significant military decorations, it would allow personalization.

“Please do not send money.  Your signature would be your committment to make the payment to the DMV upon approval of the petition.  Thank you.”


Perry Keeton

AL Life Member # 201847882 (Current Post 93, Buchanan)
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Roanoke, VA 24017

Virginia Commemorative License Plates – Air Medal