CHECKLIST 06292015

Attached is the latest checklist for year-end reports. 


The deadline for Consolidated Post Reports is NOW.  Since we had so many posts that did not submit a form and we strive each year for 100%, Dale and I did those that are listed in red here at Department Headquarters. 


The downside of Dale and I doing these reports is that we know that the post (therefore Department and then National) does not get the credit that they/we deserve.  We don’t know how much a post spent on projects/programs, etc.   This information, as you are aware, is used by national for legislative purposes. 


Any district commander that is returning this coming year, please make contact with your posts and get the correct information on these forms next year. 


Erica Eccleston

Executive Assistant

The American Legion, Dept. of VA

(804) 353-6606

Fax: (804) 358-1940


“Don’t take America’s Freedom for granted, our Veterans fought for it!”

Year End Reports Update – June 29, 2015